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Why Bong County?

Bong County is rich in natural resources and has great potential for expansion.The main crops in this area are rice, palm oil, cocoa and cassava. 

Women in Bong County make up most of the smallholder farmers in this area.Farming plays a crucial role in the Liberian economy.


Unfortunately, the infrastructure that supports women in this sector has suffered greatly due to the long civil war.

It is crucial that we empower the smallholder farmers, especially women who make up a majority of this sector.  

Bong County, Liberia

Bong County

Liberia, West Africa

  • Districts: 12

  • Established: 1964

  • Population:  328,919 (2008)

  • Total Area: 4,574.1 square miles

  • Tribes: Kpelle, Mandingo, Mano

Map of  Liberia with a red pushpin stuck
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