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 Women farmers in rural communities face enormous challenges. Liberia’s long civil war has destroyed much of the country’s infrastructure, making access to markets and other entrepreneurial opportunities extremely difficult. ​


Our Livestock project is a grassroots collaborative effort spearheaded by the women in village who have received VSLA and small business training. The women of Pengai village used their own savings to make investments in the livestock business. Kpo'ma Women is providing training and other support to make this small business initiative a success.  We believe that by providing women with the necessary skills and resources, we can create sustainable change and uplift communities.

An enclosure for raising domestic pigs.

Livestock has the potential to change the lives of women farmers in Liberia, West Africa. These types of projects can improve economic equity, food security, and overall well-being. 


Income Generation

The sale of livestock and related products provides a steady source of income for these women, allowing them to support their families and invest in other agricultural activities. Women use their profits to pay for their children’s education fees. 


Empowerment and Decision-Making

Women's involvement in livestock farming empowers them by providing ownership and control over productive assets. This, in turn, increases their decision-making power within the household and community.


Diversification of Livelihoods

Livestock farming reduces dependence on a single source of income and makes livelihoods more resilient.


Skill Development

Women involved in livestock farming acquire valuable skills related to animal husbandry, health management, and marketing. These skills enhance their capacity to succeed in agricultural enterprises and contribute to the overall development of their communities.


In November 2023, after almost one year of work at the Women’s Farming Cooperative of Pengai Village the small-scale outdoor enclosure for raising domestic pigs was opened. Members of the community worked together with a local mason and a livestock expert to design and build the enclosure. Kpo’ma Women hosted an intensive training program for the village women. The training focused on the following topics: feeding, farrowing, record keeping, sanitation, ventilation, vaccination requirements and treating sick animals.

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