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Pengai Village
Financial Literacy Initiative

VSLA and Business Development Support

Rural women in Liberia have limited access to financial services. VSLA -Village Savings and Loan  groups are small groups of up to 30 people who regularly meet to save their money together in a safe space. The group is also able to access small loans and obtain funds for emergencies. Research has shown that VSLA participation is linked to an increase in savings and credit obtained through the VSLAs, which has increased agricultural investments and income from small businesses (Kroll 2016).

Intensive VSLA Training

This program will improve livelihoods by increasing self-efficacy and building a strong foundation for creating new business opportunities.

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Business Development

The business development program focuses on  agricultural based business that can improve value chain outcomes.

cheerful woman handing over some wrapped tomatoes to a customer in a local african market

Monthly Follow-up Training

Each month the financial literacy instructor meets with the group for follow-up instruction.


Start-up Capital

Each participant in the program will receive seed money. This money can be used as capital for a small business.

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Thank you to Friends of Liberia 

small grant from Friends of Liberia and private donations helped us to make this project viable.  We appreciate all of the support that we have received and we look forward to the positive outcomes from this innovative initiative 

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